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We are all about living life to the fullest!
Get ‘elevated’ with us...

Pick one of our trays up today! 
You won’t ever want to use another tray again.


Flat out, we have the dopest tray on the market. 
Snoop Dogg loves our tray, so will you. 

Our LitTrays have eight different LED colors, two-color modes, and a smell proof lid that makes the tray travel like a gem.


LFTD isn’t just about creating trays to roll your herbs, we are about lifestyle, a lifestyle that inspires you to reach for the sky. 
Check out our apparel!

At LFTD, we are a diverse bunch that are California grown.
Our brand is all about inclusivity and diversity.
From our products to our customers to our team.
We love to collaborate too, so get in contact if you want your logo on a LitTray. 


Elevated Experience
We developed a new way to roll by bringing innovation into the mix.
We designed our tray for life’s adventures, whether you are chilling at home or on the move.


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